Friday, January 11, 2013


As I have mentioned before the word "growth" has been big in my spirit as I begin another New Year. I don't desire to be stagnant or passive in life. I want to experience new things in God and increase in my knowledge of Him and His will for my life.

I pray that His Kingdom will come into my life and that His will be done in all things, both big and small. Living for the Lord all these years has given me huge experience of seeking His guidance and direction. Though I have often scratched my heart and wondered which direction to go, I have found the Lord is more than faithful to lead and guide.

His speaks His will through:

1. His Holy Bible.
2. By His still small voice in my inner being.
3. By circumstances and situations of life.
4. By prophetic words from God through others.
5. Sometimes by trial and error.

Point number 5 doesn't sound real spiritual, but it is true. Sometimes the walk of faith is taken when there are no clear signals, signs, or supernatural occurrences. It is just take one step at a time journey. Yet, through it all He remains faithful to guide and direct.

I believe my growth this year will be:

1. In His knowledge.
2. In His fruitfulness.
3. In His adding souls.
4. In His adding laborers.
5. In His blessings financially.

Real growth in the plant world requires soil, seed, planting, watering, fertilizing, weeding, and harvesting. Each progressive step must be intentional. The soil must be good soil. The effort to water and fertilize and weed must be made. Patience must be exerted. Care must be given.

And then growth comes. Harvest is enjoyed. Fruit is tasted.

Should Jesus tarry, my goal is to stay focused on His plans for my life and the promised growth to come. Harvest is headed my way.

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