Wednesday, January 9, 2013


As I approach this New Year, there are several key words that keep coming to my mind and spirit. I believe they are providential words of destiny. I believe they are words of wisdom for guidance and direction. I believe they will set the pace for God's will and work in my life and those dear to me. I pray that the Lord will give me ears to hear and heart and faith to believe, follow, and faithfully obey.

What are those words:

1. Grow
2. Be Strong
3. Accountability

I have heard these words over and over in my spirit and soul these last weeks as 2012 as ended and 2013 was approaching and is here. I want to grow in His knowledge and will. I want to grow and be strong to be productive and fruitful. I want to be accountable to the Lord and His design and destiny for my life.

I remember as a boy experiencing "growing pains". I felt them especially in my legs. This may sound irrational to actually have growing pains, but they were real. Yet, I grew and physically matured. It did take some pain.

What do they say about pain: "No pain, no gain". This is true about growth. Without some pain, there is doubtful that much gain will occur. Now, I am not looking for pain, but I want to fulfill God's plan for my life. They means dying to the flesh and living in the Spirit. It means denial and sacrifice for the greater good. It means that short term pleasure is denied for higher, long term fulfillment. That is my commitment.

Sometimes my physical muscles strain in the workout regimens that I do, but gain, strength and growth takes place. No pain, no gain. I am determining to press toward the prize of the high calling of God.

I want to grow, be strong, and be accountable so I may win the prize.

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