Friday, February 1, 2013


Getting the attention of a man can be challenging for wives. Ladies need time, tenderness, and touch. The time part includes listening and getting it. Men aren't the best listeners. Until someone has listened not much communication has occurred. Men get caught up in their singular focus and grunt and nod and miss tons of information, and I mean importance information.

So how did Wanda catch me?

Well, she has used the Internet.


That's where we're all spending our time. That is what has caught our eye and ear. That's what we're watching and reading.

So here is the deal. She posts her "Honey Do" list on her Notes App on her computer and it automatically goes to mine for me to read via Internet and I follow through with and complete. I can't say I didn't get it or hear it. It is written down all neat and nice.

After she posted it she wrote, "I love you for doing this for me."

What can I say? How can I turn that down, not that I wanted to anyhow.

Computers and TV take too much of our time, but it can also be productive. Wanda has found an App that works for her and us. Good deal!

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