Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I run early in the morning several days a week in our neighborhood. Often I will pass people from other parts of our neighborhood who are out for a walk. We pass and nod and quickly continue on our individual paths moving to a very busy day. For some it is only a quick wave or smile or "hi". There are familiar cars and trucks that pass and some will tap their horns and wave. Others just keep moving.

There is one man who walks his big white dog most mornings that I am out. I don't know the man's name or the dog's name for that matter. He lives about three blocks away so I don't have reason to connect, but we pass and I'll greet. When Wanda is with me, we both will say a few words and continue on to complete our 2 mile walk.

The dog is a house dog. I have seen him peering out the windows of his house when I've been running or walking at other times of the day. It is a two story house and the dog will peek out one of several windows as I pass.

It has interested me how happy that dog is when his master takes him out. It is as there is a big smile on the dog's face. I think the dog is the happiest thing we pass each morning. It is bright and excited. I have commented to his master more than once how much the dog seems to enjoy getting out for these morning walks.

What is the point?

Glad you asked.

As a creature of God who He has been given life, we would do well to enjoy the journey and get the most out of each day. The dog really seems happy. He is a creature of God, not made in God's image as you or me, but nevertheless a creature made by our Creator. I have thought that I should at least put on as big a smile as the big white dog and enjoy the day.

I saw the dog this morning. It caught my eye again. I think I will smile more. I think I'll enjoy the day. I think I'll enjoy the journey as much as that big white dog.

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