Monday, January 21, 2013


Strength comes from several sources depending upon what kind of strength one is referring too. There is emotional strength and mental strength and relational strength and spiritual strength and physical strength and maybe others. All forms of strength are needed to be successful in a stressful world. Life is filled with strength drainers.

Last Friday I was planning to do a five mile run to up my training routine in preparation to running the 15K Gate River Run coming up in March. I like to do my runs first thing in the morning but that doesn't always happen due to weather and daily schedules. As Friday morning progressed, it was into mid-aftenoon before I could attempt the run. I hadn't eaten properly and was not hydrated properly, but I started the run anyhow.

The first mile went fine. The second mile I felt strong. At the 2.5 mile mark I was feeling drained. Usually a 3 mile run is a piece of cake, but it didn't happen that way. As I approached the 3 mile mark, I realized I was done. I didn't make it 5 miles. I was too weak. I was spent.

Friday night, Jennifer arrived from Tampa. She loves fitness too and is good on nutrition and training. We talked about what I had done in not eating properly and not hydrating. She had some suggestions.  I made a correction.

The next morning, Saturday, we ate correctly and hydrated with proper amounts of water. I ate three egg whites and oat meal. Then let our breakfast have time to settle.

Then we were off to the races. At the three mile mark I felt as though we hadn't even started. I completed the 5 mile run and felt strong enough to continue on a couple more miles.

I didn't. Ha!

What is the take-a-way.

Strength comes from several sources. Proper food and proper hydration along with proper training are all important parts of being strong. You can include correct thinking and planning into the mix and proper rest also.

What does that mean for us spiritually or relationally?

It means that we need to feed on the right food spiritually. It means that we to  read God's Word. It means that we need to pray and connect with God. It means waiting on the Lord. It means that we need to think the right thoughts and speak the right words. Good physical health is not an accident. Good genetics help, but proper care and attention to health adds a lot.

Likewise, our spiritual walk needs the water of the Holy Spirit. We need a proper diet of God's Word. We need to think good thoughts and speak faith-filled words. We need to wait on the Lord. Then strength will come. We can complete our race.

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