Monday, January 7, 2013


Well the big National Championship College Football Game is tonight. Alabama is playing Notre Dame for a chance to win a record 15th National Championship. I have been a fan of Bama from my earliest years as a boy watching "The Bear" and his Sunday afternoon football playback on TV of the previous Saturday's game.

The "Bear" would say things like "Bingo" or "That's a goody" after one of his players made a great play. Or he'd say they come from "good stock" speaking of their mommas or dads. Of course, they won most games and the "Bear" always gave the credit to the players and coaches if they won and he'd take the blame for their few losses.

The years of the "Bear" were the golden years of Alabama football. After the "Bear" there were lots of lean years with one National Championship in 1991 until Nick Saban became coach. Now, they are playing for a third National Championship in four years.

Some say that puts Coach Saban in "The Bears" league. Well, in my opinion, he still has a few championships to go. Saban is a very intense coach. He seems to have his act together. I commend him for what Bama's done.

The Tide is a 7 point favorite even though Notre Dame is rated Number 1 and we're number 2. I think the game will be a toss up. Either team could win. The stakes are high.

I'm wearing the Tide's colors today. Can't wait for the game.

Roll Tide and win number 15.

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