Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Loving care lightens the load and soothes the worn soul. All of us need some TLC. I know I do. Loving kindness mends broken fences. It tenders the hardened heart. It quietens the moment.

Encouragement can be eternally timely. It is a difference maker. It settles frayed souls.

Once a few years back, I was visiting a member at a local hospital. I was worn and down. Daylight had been covered by dark clouds of discouragement. I couldn't see the way.

As I waited for the elevator to close to go up several floors to see this parishioner, another person entered the elevator in a motorized wheel chair guided by the breathe of the young man in the chair as he breathed into a tube. He stopped and looked up and smiled at me and said, "Isn't God good."

My burdens were lightened by his smile and good word.

"Yes, God is good," I responded. In a moment I was walking off the elevator with a new perspective. If he thought God is good, then I can too. He changed my mood, manner, and mindset. I was encouraged by his thoughtful outreach to me.

It was an unusual moment of care. I would say "loving care."

So many others need moments of care. They need a kind word. They need a helping hand.

Lord, help me to offer moments of care to others. Help me not to miss a moment of destiny.

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