Friday, January 18, 2013


The sports world has been shocked by the incredible news that Manti Te'o, an All American Football Player for Notre Dame, has apparently lived a hoax or at least was taken in by a hoax. The hoax centers around a story that he told during this past football season about his girlfriend who he said had died. Now it appears that the girl didn't exist and certainly didn't die.

Why would a hoax like this be perpetrated?

Maybe a poor joke? Maybe to build emotion and sympathy for him and "all he had to go through" this season so he would get more emotional support for the Heisman Trophy ballots. The administration at Notre Dame seems to be supporting him that he was taken in by the hoax and wasn't part of it. Time will tell. No one gets by with anything. We all will give account one day.

Living a lie isn't easy. It takes a toll on emotion, mind, spirit, and body. It is a lifestyle of fear. It is binding and blinding. It is leads to lies and more lies.

Truth sets people free. Truth dispels fear. Truth blesses.

I will not judge Te'o. I don't have the right. As I have stated, truth will work it way out.

Here is the take-a-way.

All hoaxes will be exposed. Hypocrisy is never kept secret. Ultimately there are no secret sins. Sin is short lived pleasure. It is short term pleasure for long-term pain.

Lord help me to live in your truth and freedom. Help me to honor you. Help me to walk in your blessings.

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