Monday, October 31, 2011


Sunday night we had our first Trunk or Treat at church which takes the place of our annual Harvest Festival. It was a great night of candy, candy, candy!

What is Trunk or Treat?

Glad you asked.

It is a fun night of games, bouncy house, music, painted faces, hot dogs, and candy, candy, candy. Trunks of cars, vans, and motorcycles were decorated and kids got to Trick or Treat in trunks. I was amazed at the creativity and unusual presentation.

Everyone had a super time. I guess the kiddies will need stomach medication for all the candy, and moms and dads needed nerve medication from all the hyper kids.

See those three little kiddies? Those are triplets and their big sister. They are the only triplets I have ever had in a church where I was pastor. They are cut-ties!

Wanda and I decorated "Big Red". She wanted to make it a lady bug, but that was too female sounding for "Big Red". We need a little more masculinity happening. "Big Red" would not have wanted to be dressed in lady bug garb.

Trunk or Treat is a unique way to present an alternative to Halloween. I love it! Fun!

Can somebody say, "Candy, candy, candy!"

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