Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Riding a motorcycle in the rain is challenging. No, sometimes it can be nerve racking. I ride for pleasure not for thrill, but sometimes you get caught in the rain. So what do you do? Slow down. Use caution. Pay attention to potential slick spots. No quick stops, turns, or sudden changes. Ride through curves at a constant speed. Give lots of room for cars, trucks, or any other vehicle. Pay attention. Or, just park it.

Safe riding isn't automatic. It requires focus.

Safe journeying in life also demands more attention. My heart breaks when I see personal life crashes. I have ministered to so many fallen individuals. It hurts when you see people hurt.

I have ridden "Big Red" in the rain some this week. God has kept me safe. I thank Him.

Now, may God help me to complete my life journey safely too.

That is all that matters.

Maybe I need to slow down. That is a key in safe riding. Maybe I should wait more on the Lord. He will guide if I will listen.

Wait on the Lord.

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