Friday, October 14, 2011


Friendship keeps life from being lonely and boring. Friends stick with you, at least true friends do, through thick and thin. They don't run away when you aren't your best. They don't care if you're riding high or sinking low. They accept you regardless. That is a true friend.

Friendship is the result of being friendly. It happens when no records are kept.

I have been fortunate to enjoy having many friends and some for years. I wouldn't attempt to name them because I would surely leave someone off the list. Not good!

What do good friendships require?

Time. Trust. Truth. Tact.

Friendships that are genuine can be picked up even after long lapes of involvement. They don't fade or wash out.

What make for friendship?

A smile. A kind word. A few compliments. A thoughtful deed.

What makes for friendship?

Reaching out again. Being hard to be offended. Accepting the good, the bad, the ugly.

Jesus is my friend.

Wanda is my friend.

My family are all friends.

The list goes from there. I hope I can be a good friend. So many have been kind to me.

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