Monday, October 24, 2011


Good pastors truly shepherd and care for the flocks. Pastors can't be everywhere doing everything for everyone, but good pastors watch over the sheep. Someone said that good pastors smell like sheep. I think there is some truth to that.

This morning I am making a couple of hospital calls. One member is having a heart cath with stints. Another member is old and losing health. Both members need prayer.

How does a pastor make a successful hospital visit?

1. Show up.
2. Show care.
2. Pray
3. Assist with needs.
4. Leave

Praying and leaving quickly generally make the visit go better especially when someone is very ill. Sick people need prayer and rest. They don't need to entertain the preacher or anyone else for that matter.

Jesus cared for the flock. He sought out the lost sheep. He gave His life for us. Can we do any less?

Oh, pastors don't know someone is sick and in the hospital if they aren't told. Catch the drift?

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