Friday, October 28, 2011


Here are pictures from the landing of the Ocala Veteran’s Honor Flight to Washington D. C. Dad was one of over 100 veterans who made the day long flight to Washington and back to see the World War II Memorial. The landing ceremony was quite impressive as hundreds turned out to salute the veterans. I was proud of dad and all of the vets. It was a touching time to see men and women who served our Nation with such honor.

Salute Again!

I left late Thursday afternoon and rode "Big Red" to the Ocala Fl Airport and waited with all the other thankful families and friends and Americans for the Honor Flight. They landed to great celebration and fanfare. It made you proud to be an American.

They call World War II veterans "the greatest generation". I think there is something to that. We have so much to learn from this group, but not much time to capture their spirit and heart.

So, thanks again Dad, and welcome home!


  1. Thank you Mr. Dykes for helping make our country a safer and more free place to live. You make your family and country proud.

  2. It was my honor and privilege to serve my Country in the US Navy during help preserve the Rights of liberty and freedom that we cherish. My thanks for all the kind deeds of the Ocala Veterans Honor Flight and the many commendations that we Veterans have received. Thank you, Milton, a fine Son.