Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It isn't Christmas is it? I guess that is still three months away, but I feel like it is Christmas. Wanda bought me an Ipad for my birthday. Can you believe it. She said that I had bought her lots of nice jewelry and she wanted to do something nice for me.

She is quite a lady and is an incredible blessing to me.

So I am learning the new toy, err, I mean work tool. Actually I don't have any games on it or any of my computers. I think I should add some. Maybe it would keep me from being so dull. I could turn into a really hip guy.

Maybe this Ipad will help with that. My secretary came into my office and saw me working on my Ipad. She accused me of playing with my toy. Well, it is fun, but I wasn't playing I was working.

What will my Ipad do?

Too much for me to write here. It has a camera, Ipod, calender, contact list, GPS, internet and email, photos, movies, library, and the list goes on and on.

There are many changes in this world that I haven't enjoyed and personally just don't like. Computer technology is huge to me.

Thanks Wanda. You are a blessing to me. Love you!

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