Monday, October 3, 2011


I love church folks. "Folks" is a Southern term for people. I love people, but I really love church folks. They are the salt of the earth. They are light in a dark world. They are healers and helpers. They pick people up when they are down.

Church folks are not perfect, but they have God's love in their hearts. That love is what makes church folks incredibly special.

I see that love in action over and over. I have felt that love and have been blessed by it. Yes, church folks are difference makers. They help smooth over the rough spots in life, and give second, third, and infinitum chances.

Now maybe you have been hurt by a church "folk." That can happen too. I have been hurt by a few, but the greatest majority by far can be counted on the help you when your down.

After being in The Church all these years, I have decided I will stay in the Ship of Zion until I get to the others side. Jesus loved The Church. He died for it. The Church is close to the heart of God, and He wants us to treat it with love and proper care. My commitment is to love and care for The Church as a good shepherd.

An by the way, Church folks are good cooks. They make great banana puddings.

Don't get down on church folks. Let God's love fill your heart again for them if there is a hurt spot or disappointment.

I love good church folks. Hope you do too!

Be Blessed!

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