Monday, October 17, 2011


Faithful church members are jewels in my book. I am talking about those who are there when the doors are open. I mean those who remain faithful to their church for years and do not leave. These kind love their pastors and don't shun any. They carry the load of church work. They are givers and not takers. Faithful church members are not fair weather folks. They don't merely ride on the band wagon. They love the Lord, their church, and the lost. They stick through thick and thin.

Here is on of those church members.

I am talking about Edna Smart in Elba, Alabama.

Wanda and I preached there at First Assembly a couple of weeks back. Edna was there when I was pastor in 1975. There are other wonderful church members that I could write about in that church.

Edna Smart has taught Sunday School for 50+ years and was chosen as the Sunday School Teacher of the Year in Alabama for the Assemblies of God. That is special. She is a shining light and a model to follow. She is not perfect. No one is perfect, but she has been faithful and loved the Lord, her church, and the lost.

There have been many times she could have quit or gone somewhere else to church. She could have quit attending period, but she didn't.

Thank God for God for faithful church members. Edna Smart has a great reward in heaven. I am sure.

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