Monday, November 29, 2010


How do you explain having a 24-0 lead and losing the game? Alabama led Auburn by 24 and did it. That just doesn't make sense, does it? You are supposed to win games that you are spotted 24 points.

How did it happen?

Auburn put more points on the score board. They won the second half of the game. They didn't quit. They played with passion. They believed.

What did Alabama do?

Well, they did get up by 24, but after that it was all down hill. There were too many bad plays, too many dropped balls, too many missed tackles, too many wasted moments.

Was Alabama overconfident? I don't really think so, but they might have been. I think that they just didn't play the whole game. It has 60 minutes. The only score is that matters is the score when the game is over, not the one when the first quarter ends.

There is a lesson in life in how Alabama got beat by Auburn. It is not how you start the game, but how you finish. That is one of life's greatest lessons.

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