Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Every believer has a testimony. If God has saved you and if Jesus is real and alive in your heart, then there is a story to tell. My testimony is long, real long. I accepted Christ into my life around the age of 5-6. That goes way back.

It was a life changing moment that I still remember very vividly. I know children can be saved because I got saved. I had not committed major, news making sin, but I did need to be saved. Jesus came into my heart and He has lived in me ever since that moment.

From that first moment of conversion until today, Jesus has walked with me and lived in me. He is a friend, a helper, a deliver, and all I need. My testimonies of His faithfulness could fill several blogs.

In my Tuesday morning staff meeting at church, I asked each of the staff to share a personal testimony of a time when God had done a remarkable miracle for them. Each one shared wonderful stories, but the consensus was that we too often fail to remember what God has done. Our memories fade and we lose sight of past victories.

So today I challenge you to remember, reflect, and renew your faith. Let God arise as you give Him glory for what He has done. Trials turn into testimonies if we let God arise. Remember what He has done for you and then look forward to a new victory and a new testimony.

What is your story?

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