Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Communication capabilities today are astounding. Twitter, Facebook, emails, texts, snailmail, Iphones, telephone, TV, and on the lists goes. I get all kinds of communications from everywhere. It keeps one up-t0-date in the moment. It is real life.

Tuesday night I did face to face on an 4G Iphone. Amazing, as I talked with Julie, Alex, and Nic from Tampa. We could see each other on handheld Iphones as we talked. Too much!

I wonder what the next five to ten years will bring?

Thursday we'll celebrate Thanksgiving and will do face to face on an Iphone with Jennifer in Puerto Rico. Can't wait. I wish she could be here, but this will make it better.

We're traveling today to see family. Everyone be safe. Eat smart. Be thankful.

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