Friday, November 5, 2010


Is laughter better when it happens spontaneously or intentionally? Can you plan to laugh? Is planned laughter lessor laughter?

Why would I ask that, you might wonder?

Wanda and I have made a commitment to love and laugh with each other more. We are on a two week journey of telling each other a joke and compliment daily. It is planned, programed, and happening. And it is special.

Yes, laughter can be programed. Just look at your television, movies, and comedy clubs. It is all programed and planned. They even have piped in laughter to accentuate the mood. It helps to have a few people in the crowd who laugh and therefore encourage others to laugh with them. Laughter promotes laughter.

Watch the kiddies. They have a giggle box that is always turned on. Everything is funny. They just laugh and their little buddies and friends laugh with them. And life goes better for them.

Adults need that. Couples need that. Marriages need that. Everyone shouldn't take life so harshly seriously. Yes, there is a time to cry, be sad, and mourn, but there is time enough in life for all of that. God's Word teaches us to laugh.

So, Wanda and I are laughing together even more.

In fact, her compliment to me on Thursday was that I had a good sense of humor.

Thank you Wanda.

How is your sense of humor? Is it broke? Is your face in an upside down smile?


  1. One of the things I love about Javier is he makes me laugh. I think we both have an odd sense of humor so it's nice to be partners with someone who gets my humor!

  2. Jennifer, you have always had a great sense of humor. You have added wonderful laughter to our family with your wit, wisdom, and wily ways. You are so much fun!