Monday, November 8, 2010


Wow, wouldn't it be nice to have an extra hour every day. I really love the time change each November when we gain one hour. It makes the few days following easier for me. I am not really a morning person, though that is changing more and more. This extra hour is helpful.

What did I do with the extra hour?

Well, it comes a mid-night on Saturday night. That gives an extra hour to prepare on Sunday for church. It makes the day for better and not as stressed getting out of the house to church. It is nice.

What would I do if I had an extra hour each day? Or one extra hour each Saturday? I know that isn't going to happen, but that would be great.

Time is a huge commodity. We all have the same number of hours and minutes in each day. The issue is what will we do with our time, and how will be use the time we have?

The next few mornings will be a little easier for me. I love this time change. I just desire to use the time I have in the best possible manner.

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