Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Getting exercise is tough for preachers. Have you ever noticed how many preachers are overweight and in poor physical shape? Our jobs are too sedentary, too mental, and so lacking physical exertion. Now preaching admittedly does put some physical demands on the body, but not much.

Through the years I have done all kinds of things to try to keep in shape. With all those chicken dinners and banana puddings, it is never easy. So what do you do?

I have ridden bicycles, jogged, ran, walked, jumped rope, done yard work, gone to exercise centers, played tennis and basketball and golf and softball and football and calisthenics and pushups and workout videos and on and on the list goes.

Now I am walking and jogging and playing basketball and working in my yard.

Guess what?

I have beaten my music pastor and youth pastor the last two weeks in basketball. They won the first week, but I have made a comeback and have won the last two weeks. I am 61 and the music pastor is 21 and the youth pastor is early 30 something.

That is 40 years and 30 years difference. Not bad. Not bad.

I shall toot my own horn for now.

You know the verse: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that tooteth not his own horn, verily it shall not be tooted!"

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