Friday, November 19, 2010


One of our grandchildren came for a visit some time back and could not get over all the things that we do as pastors. I guess people just really don't know all that goes into serving as a minister. I love my work and enjoy it for many reason. First, I know it is what God has called my to do. It has eternal purpose. I can see the change God makes in peoples lives and that is rewarding. The day of a minister is filled with so many varied and amazing things.

What have I done this week?

Prayed and spent time with God.
Visited the jail and hospitals.
Counseled and prayed with hurting people.
Studied and prepared sermons.
Baptized believers.
Overseen numerous planning sessions.
Written articles.
Attended a senior's dinner and spoke.
Took all kinds of telephone calls.
Helped host a preacher's meeting at our church.
Prepared to preach a funeral.
Studied and prayed some more.
And the list goes on.

Wednesday night just as church began, one of the little boys of the church came running up to me with a gleam in his eye and a note in his hand. I have something for you he shouted out. Everyone around was watching him. He had a special appreciation note for his pastor that he had personally made. Now I have been blessed by untold notes of kindness through the years, but this one was special.

That makes it worth it all. It was homemade and
from the heart. Special.

I think I'll try harder to be a good pastor.

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