Friday, November 12, 2010


What is it that you are most enthusiastic about? What do you love? What lights your fire? What is it that you just can't live without?

Those are pointed questions that I can answer for you. All I need is to look at your daily planner, or calender, or at least have you write down what you do with your time.

We gravitate to what we love, have passion for, and simply cannot live without.

Show me what you do with your time and I will tell you what you love. It is just that simple. We do what we want to do. We lean toward what we love. It is heard in the talk of our day, the view of our eyes, the actions of our hands and feet.

Like to eat?
Like to read?
Like to hunt, fish, gold?
Like to sew?
Like to travel?
Like to motorcycle?
Like to be with family?
Like to do God?
Like sleep?
Like to couch potato?
Like to work?
Like to goof off?
Like to computer?
Like to football, basketball, or baseball?
Like to Facebook?
Like to zoom the Internet?
Like to talk?
Like to pray?

Well, you get it. Show me what you do with your time and I will show you your passion.

So what is the take-a-way today?

Answer this question, what's first in your life?

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