Wednesday, November 17, 2010


For the last two weeks Wanda and I have shared one joke and one compliment each day with each other. Right after our morning devotions and prayer we have taken another few moments to make each other laugh and feel better. That is 14 jokes and 14 compliments.

Laughter is like medicine and compliments makes one glow. We have decided that we will continue doing this regularly.

We have so much to be thankful for and we both desire to do everything we can to bless each other. That is the best way to live. Loving, laughing, lifting each other up. 14 jokes and 14 compliments help do that.

Wanda said that she had too many compliments to choose from to share with me. Now that is a very good feeling. Wow! I feel that way too. We're blessed!

And the jokes were really funny too!


One of our wonderful church members, Roger Brooks, passed and went to heaven this past Sunday. Roger was 85. His wife told me that she was going to see a neighbor and told her husband that she would be gone for a few minutes. He sked her to come and sit in his lap, and she did. They kissed, and then she left. Later when she returned home, he had gone home to glory. Their last moment was a sweet kiss and hug. What a wonderful way to remember your last moment with your spouse - a kiss and a hug and then gone to heaven.

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