Monday, November 1, 2010


Wanda and I are embarked on a two week commitment of love and laughter. We have agreed to two weeks of sharing each day one joke with each other and one specific compliment to the other. I have stacks of joke books and files of funnies, but I will not use any of them. This has to be new material.

We compliment each other daily, but during these next two weeks we will be even more specific in encouraging each other and writing the compliments down. It isn't my role to straighten her or anyone else out. We don't have issues, but we do want to make our marriage even better. More compliments can only help.

Saturday, I woke up with the idea of cooking an egg omelet for breakfast. Believe it or not I cook breakfast every so often, but I have never cooked an omelet. But, if you google omelets, you will find a number of short videos to tell you how to fix delicious ones. So that is just what I did. Did you know the secret to cooking a great omelet, is to cook the bottom side and then stick it in the broiler to cook the top. That way you don't burn the bottom while trying to get the top done. At least that is what the video says.

Well, I did it, and it works.

Wanda loved it. She told me later that she woke up wanting an omelet. She was really surprised when I told her I was cooking an omelet for her. Then she bragged all day how good my omelet was.

Yeah, I said. I know what you're doing. You're bragging on how good I did it so I'll keep on cooking them. You know what. She is smart. A little bragging makes anyone want to do more. That is just the nature of life.

So, the two week experiment begins.

Loving compliments and then sharing a laugh together. It should be a great two weeks. I'll write how it goes and share the best jokes. The may be better than Reader Digest jokes.

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