Monday, February 1, 2010


Sunday evening Wanda and I went to another banquet. I wonder how many banquets I have attended through the years? This one was an awards banquet for the boys in Royal Rangers, a boys program in our church.

This banquet was well attended, and it was thrilling to see each of the guys from pre-school all the way into high school receive their achievement awards. Moms and dads were so proud of the guys, and rightfully so. You could easily see the excitement and pride of the boys as the awards were handed out.

Sitting around our table at the banquet were two families who had been brought into the church by this outreach arm. One little guy told his neighbor about the program and now the neighbor boy and his father regularly attend our church. They were all sitting at our table.

Sitting next to me was my wife, Wanda, who had gone to church with her children years ago through a similar outreach ministry for girls. Wanda and Jim, her first husband, came to the Lord through their children. I had the privilege of leading both of them to the Lord, and now Wanda is my wonderful wife.

It is amazing how life works out. You never know how life will change and how God will arrange things totally different than you could ever imagine.

The banquet Sunday evening was a fun event. I sat there in awe of God's providential guiding hand in my life.


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  2. We are proud of our boys.

  3. Royal Rangers is a great boys program. It was my privilege to be personally acquainted with its founder, the late Johnny Barnes.