Monday, February 8, 2010


Boring doesn't get it in my book. Life should be exciting. Preaching should be passionate. Each day should have meaning.

You want your life to count, but.....

What about boring times of life when the routine, mundane, everyday activities call for our attention? Some people have faith only when excitement is in the air, or when a miracle a minute is happening.

But life has boring moments that can even turn into months.

Like emptying the dishwasher. What could be more boring?

Or making the bed? Or putting dirty clothes up and later washing them?

Or listening to crabby people?

Or long distance driving over flat, plain terrain?

Or shaving every morning? Or taking out the garbage? Or the many other constant, repetitive duties that keep pressing into our lives?

Moses certainly had some boring times in the desert. Joseph took a tour in a pit. Job watched as life turned into loss. David slept with stinking sheep. John the Baptist dieted on locusts. Paul took a cruise on a sinking ship.

The list of boring, trying, trials is long in the Bible. Yet, how we handled the commonplace, disliked, thankless task will either propel us forward or lead to disaster.

Boring is a daily duty determining our destiny. Can you succeed in boring?

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