Monday, February 22, 2010


I posted a picture Saturday on Facebook of Wanda and me with our motorcyle taking a joy ride up to Georgia. Several friends rode with us as we stopped at various little towns and took in the sights and sounds of sleepy South Georgia.

A few years back I would have never dreamed that I would ever ride a motorcycle much less own one, but here I am with the wind in my face enjoying the sunshine.

But, motorcycling has dangers and they must not be ignored. I have taken a safety course and plan on taking more. Right now I am reading two great books on motorcycling safety. They are great reads. Of course, we pray before riding as I often do before driving my car.

My motorcycle is bright, fire engine red which makes it more visible. But with all my efforts there is still a large margin of err for an accident.

I believe in marginalizing risks, but this is one I will live with for now.

Look around and see if there are some areas of life that you could use more care. Maybe in dieting? Maybe in what your are watching on TV? Maybe negative thinking? Maybe an unforgiving spirit?

Whatever, life does require that some care and attention be given. So be careful.

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