Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A couple weeks back Wanda asked me to check and see if I the library had a book she wanted to read. She had seen it in a book store and I go to the library generally once a week. She was hoping to save a few bucks by not having to buy the book.

"What is the name of the book," I asked?

Wanda said, "How to Get a New Husband by Friday."

I paused and quizzed her, "Is there something going on here I need to know?" In a few weeks we will celebrate our first anniversary and I was taken back by the book she wanted me to get for her.

She laughed and shared, "It is not about you. It is a book that tells women how to treat their husbands."

"Oh, I guess that is ok," I responded.

Well, I got the book and she has been reading it and I like the results. The book actually says that you can have a new husband by Wednesday if you work at it.

How do you get a new husband by Friday? Here is the summation giving by Dr. Leman's The Top Ten Countdown to Having a New Husband by Friday:

10. Respect what he says.
9. Tell him how important he is in your life.
8. Tell him how much you need him in your life.
7. Pursue him.
6. Don't correct him or make fun of him, especially in front of other.
5. Don't talk down to him. He's your husband, not your child (even if he acts like it sometimes.)
4. Touch him physically. One caress can last a long time and will really get his attention.
3. Say nice things about him and to him. (Good gossip about your guy is like an emotional hug.)
2. Eliminate the words why, never and always from your vocabulary.
1. Think about what you're going to say and divide it by ten.

Now that is a great top ten list. Wanda already lives by this list and she is getting a new husband all along. We both know that life is too short not to make every day a great day.


I am working on a Top Ten Countdown to have a New Wife by Thursday and by Tuesday if you really work hard. Got any suggestions?

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  1. 1. Tell her she is beautiful and mean it
    2. Wash her in the word
    3. Wash the dishes
    4. Listen to her
    5. Be devote to the needs of your children
    6. Be involved in the family finances
    7. Wear the jeans she likes on you
    8. Kiss her everyday
    9. Seek God
    10. Take her on dates and talk to her