Friday, February 5, 2010


I was working in our church conference room with the door open on my while MacBook computer writing an article. A short project turned into several minutes and then longer. Just as I was finishing, a young teenager passed by the door and greeted me.

"Cool," he said, "I like your white computer."

"It is a MacBook," I responded, "I really enjoy it."

As he left the office area, I smiled at the thought of the reference to being called cool. I was up to speed in a fast changing pace of life. Relevance in a speeding world takes intentional effort. For a brief moment I felt I had passed the test.

Just cool.

I know toys, MacBooks, Iphones, or Ipads, or other things don't really make you "cool," but I liked the thought anyhow.

I want to be relevant but with a real message and lifestyle.

Sage, but hip.

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  1. The older I get, the tougher it is to be "cool"! Congrats on staying in the game!