Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Wednesday night Wanda and I went to the final service of the Annual Pastor's Conference of First Baptist Church here in Jacksonville. From all I hear, it is a fantastic conference. I usually catch one or two of the evening services which feature outstanding speakers from across America.

They also have one of the greatest music departments in the Nation and the last night they present a grand finale. Oh my, you should hear it.

Tuesday night Pastor Jim Cymbala from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church in New York City was the speaker. His message was simple but powerful as he spoke on prayer. I was challenged again to turn up my personal prayer efforts as well as challenge my church to greater, more intense prayer.

At the end of the message, Pastor Cymbala called for all pastors and ministers who felt a greater need for to have a fresh touch of God for prayer to come forward. Immediately from all parts of the church, literally hundreds came forward. He then led them in prayer and called for them to pray for one another. That great church was turned into one powerful prayer meeting. It was awesome!

Here is a brief sample of some of Tuesday night's music. The music and worship at First Baptist was just fantastic. Just think how great heaven will be. The worship around the throne will be beyond what tongue can tell. It will all be about Jesus.


  1. I'm so glad you got to attend. We were there Sunday morning and hear O.C. Hawkins and Jerry Vines. Awesome, both challenged us in unforgetable ways in our daily lives.

    Music was wonderful that day also. Sorry we missed last night.

    B.J. Brooks Robinson

  2. Simply awesome!!