Monday, February 15, 2010


Valentine's Day is over, but I trust love is still in the air at your house.

Yes, I treated Wanda to a very special Valentine's Day with roses, a card, and gifts. Guys have it easier in the gift selection department. You can never go wrong with flowers, cards, jewelry, or chocolate. Of course you can also buy jewelry and then maybe you might try buying some more jewelry. They always like that.

But what do you do for a guy for Valentine's Day?

How about a delicious gourmet dinner?

Or a sweet card is good.


Or maybe a ornament for his desk at work?

Well, Wanda treated me to wonderful Valentine Day too. We had a fabulous first Valentine's Day as a married couple with a gourmet dinner and more. How do you like the smooching motorcycle couple she bought for me. And, look. They are riding red motorcycles. That's my favorite motorcycle color.

Red. Isn't that a Valentine color too?

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