Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Change is the one constant in life, but not all change is good. I find that new things, new ways of doing things, and even change of scenery can give life a boost. But what about changes that lead to setbacks or unjustified hardships?

Change has become a buzz word in society. Change in politics, morality, policies, and economics are all around us. Some are good and many are bad. That is life. I like the changes and amazing upgrades in communications through the Internet and computers. My MacBook and Iphone are super tools. Of course I am thankful that we are not living in the horse and buggy days. But there is more to change than just getting newer fancier toys or riding in a luxury car or a hi-tech Goldwing motorcycle.

Maybe it is time to take a clearer look at what the consequences of change will bring. Maybe change without a clear order, definition, or focused view should be viewed with a little scrutiny. I am for positive steps forward, but I can't go along with living with blindfolded eyes.

Yes, God is always doing a new thing, but He is also the same......

Maybe a pause in our Nation is in order. Maybe it is time to find the good of the past. Maybe not all change is good.

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  1. Maybe too much change too soon is not good. Maybe there's something to be said for taking things a little slower and not rushing in and chaning too much too soon like fools rush in :) My blog is at and I'm on Facebook. I hope you'll sign to follow my blog. I write Christian fiction, and I used to follow Christy's blog and read it every single day until she passed. I know she's in heaven. I miss her writing, and her blog.