Monday, July 23, 2012


I am well into reading the Bible all the way through since the beginning of this year for the third time. My goal is to read through the Bible four times this year, God willing.

What have I learned?

Two basic things.

One, God is good. I mean, God is really good.

Two, mankind is really stubborn. Maybe you could add that mankind is hardheaded, bullheaded, and has a very short memory.

Now, least you agree with me too quickly, that means all of us.



And everyone else.

We are all really shortsighted, short-memoried, and short-committed.

I get amazed at how quickly I forget the promises and faithfulness of God. I forget His goodness. I fail in my commitments even though He has never failed me.

All I know to do is call on His name for mercy, His help, and His strength. With His help I can do all things and finish my race and win my crown.

That's my goal. I want to finish strong.

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