Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I am thankful for many things. The list includes:

1. Knowing Jesus
2. A wonderful wife
3. Children who love God
4. Good health
5. Godly parents
6. The privilege of preaching the Gospel
7. Great friends

8. Food, shelter, and material blessings
9. A loving church to pastor
10. And America

Today we celebrate Independence Day. Fireworks will explode, family gatherings will abound, and celebrations will be everywhere. America is the greatest Nation on earth. God has blessed America beyond comprehension.

When I have traveled to other parts of the world, I felt like kissing the ground when returning home. There is no place like America.

So today, I say three cheers for America, and even more cheers to God for His blessings on our Land. God bless America. May we turn again as a people to our Creator and Source of life.

Today, Jennifer and her kiddies are arriving on the Mainland in Tampa. I can't wait to get a hug and kiss. It has been one long year since I have seen them. Oh, how I have missed them. Can't wait!

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