Monday, July 30, 2012


It is interesting what our hearts hold. Inside each of us are feelings, thoughts, meditations, hurts, dreams, issues, anger, frustrations, hopes, faith, love, and the list goes on. Only God knows what is inside our hearts. He knows everything.

Last week while enjoying a few days away with some of our grands, Jennifer told me of a funny conversation she and little Claudia had.

They were having a good time together while we were all camping out at the beach. Claudia told her that she wished that they were sisters and that Jennifer wasn't her mother. That sounded real cute and sweet until she continued. She said that if they were sisters that they could have so much fun. She didn't stop there. She further said that if Jennifer was her sister and not her mother then she wouldn't have to obey her.


That says it all.

What we all want is fun, pleasure and a good time.

Just don't tell me what to do. Don't correct me or mess up my plans.

We all got a real laugh out of that because there is some truth in Claudia's personal honesty that is in all of us. She just spoke from her heart.

Obviously Claudia loves her mother dearly. She just wants to do what she wants to do.

Yet, all of us need wisdom, correction, and guidance from a higher source. We each so desperately need the Lord and His help in our lives.

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