Monday, July 16, 2012


I have lots of passwords that keep my connections secure on the Internet. I haven't counted how many but there is a fairly large number. Some of them are noted in my head. All of them are written down in a secure place. I change them from time to time. They are irritating but needed.

One of them would be impossible to break. It is for access in my Wifi at home. It is a lengthy, difficult  code that takes several attempts to enter for some folks visiting in our home. I know no one will never break it. That is the way passwords and codes are supposed to be, hard to break.

Theft, robbery, and stolen identities are huge in today's world. It happens every day. I have had my credit cards used by thieves across  America in places that I have never traveled. Thankfully, the credit card companies took care of everything for me. Their thefts have run into the hundreds of dollars for items that I would never purchase.

Passwords get you into desired places. They are the entrance codes. Without them, you don't pass through. Isn't that what is going to happen when we stand at the pearly gates. We'll need the password. We'll need to know how to enter. There is only one password.


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