Friday, July 13, 2012


God called me to preach the Gospel. That calling has been lived out in various venues of service, but preaching the Gospel has always been the centermost heart of my call. When God "called" me into the ministry way back in 1968 it was a very clear and specific call. It was impacting and forceful. I knew exactly what God was calling me to do which was to preach His Word.

However, the primary calling to "preach the Word" has been lived out in various settings. I have served as a pastor, district departmental head, evangelist, and seminar speaker. I have also been involved in writing and TV ministry and done some radio work also.

But the primary calling has always been to "preach the Word."

I have strived to preach the whole counsel of God. I have preached the full gospel message. I have tried to make it relevant. I have tried to preach in the power of the Holy Spirit. I have taught the Word to exhort, guide, enlighten, and sometimes even rebuke. The goal has always been the same-to preach the Gospel, the Good New of the Kingdom of God.

It is thrilling when you see God's hand manifest into the lives of those God has put into your charge. It is also thrilling to have them share their appreciation and thanks for your ministry. My goal has been to preach the Word. Most of my adult life has been spent making pastoral investments into the lives of God's people I know His Word will not return void.

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