Friday, July 20, 2012


No, I haven't broken any bones at least not lately. When I was seven or eight, I broke my right arm. I fell through the monkey bars at school and severely broke my arm so that it looked like a snake. Uh, that hurt. They put me in the hospital and did surgery to reset it. That wasn't a pretty sight.

This week, my little grandson Cole broke his left arm in the elbow region. He wasn't happy about that break either. I think he was really unhappy in that he will have a cast that will keep him out of swimming. He really didn't like that.

Bones break, but thankfully they heal. Aren't you glad the Lord designed our bodies to heal. I wrote in my last blog about the healing power of the Lord. He heals in several ways. He designed out bodies to naturally heal. God has given us doctors who are gifted to help heal. Of course, we can help ourselves by doing positive things to aid in overcoming sickness. Prevention is also worth a pound of cure when it comes to taking care of our bodies.

I am so sorry that little Cole had that mishap, but I am thankful it wasn't worse. He fell, but broken bones heal with God's help and some assistance from the doctor.

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