Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Does God really heal people today? Now that is a deep subject that doesn't have a short, easy answer. Here is my attempt to address it.

Yes, God does heal today. Is everyone healed? No, at least not immediately. Why aren't people healed?  There are numerous reasons for not being healed.

Lack of faith is one reason. Sin is another reason. But lack of faith or sin are not the reasons that some are not healed immediately. The Bible records that our Lord noted that one man's illness was even for the glory of God. Then, our Lord healed him.

Ultimately all sickness will end for those who love the Lord. There will be no sickness in heaven. God does heal. Sometimes the healing is in heaven.

Then, how should we pray when there is sickness?

We should pray in faith. We should pray believing. We should pray in agreement. We should pray according to God's will. We should pray that all hindrance will be removed that would restrict  our healing. We should keep praying. We should pray with thanksgiving and praise. Then we trust God for healing immediately or in His timing.

Sometimes we need others to pray for us. The Apostle James encouraged believers to pray for one another and to anoint with oil as we pray with faith. There are times that in our illness we need others to have faith with us and for us. God honors united faith.

I don't know why all people aren't immediately healed. Some are. Others get their healing in time. Some have to wait until they get to heaven.

The Lord has instantly healed me. A number of years ago I had a very painful, chronic back condition. it was terribly painful. One evening as I was sitting on the front pew at church the Lord instantly healed me. I haven't suffered with that since. I have prayed for people who the Lord instantly healed. Other times the headings have been more progressive over time.

God is the healer. It is ours to pray, believe, obey, and give thanks. He does the work.

So if you need healing today, ask in faith without doubting. He will heal. Trust Him today. I plan on praying and believing for those who have physical needs until I reach heaven. Our Lord is the mighty healer.

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