Monday, April 23, 2012


I love the funny sayings of grandkids, especially our grandkids. Sometimes they make be cackle and other times grin real big and then some times laugh hard and loud.

Recently, I asked my daughter Jennifer if her kiddies had said anything funny or cute. They live in Puerto Rico so I don't get to see then often. We talk on the phone, but I long to know more about them.

Jennifer thought for a moment and then shared that recently little Claudia said, "Some times when I look into the mirror at me I am so happy that I am me."

I rolled in laughter at what she had to say. Here is the take-a-way. She was happy and content with herself. She loved herself and had joy. This isn't a selfish love or arrogant love, but a love of contentment and thankfulness.

In today's world, too many cannot find peace within themselves. They are not happy or content. They find personal faults and flaws. They are filled with condemnation. Satan, the evil accuser, puts them down and robs them of hope and peace. There is no joy in any of that.

When I look into the mirror, I see a man getting older with wrinkles and grey hairs. I am still overweight and need to shift some of the weight around, but that is life. I need a little of Claudia's idea in me.

Lord, thank you for life and thank you for all that I am. I can see, hear, walk, smell, talk, and think. Both hands and all my toes and fingers work. Thank you Lord for me. Amen!

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