Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have a new way to help me get fit. "My Fitness Pal" is a program that helps you keep a log of what you eat and the exercise you do. It is a quick way to keep up to date and have a record. Once you set it up, which only takes a few minutes, it is really quick and simple to do. I have downloaded it on both my IPhone and IPad for useage.

Every meal and snack can be entered and it has an internal resource to count calories and keep a record of fat, sugar, protein, carbs, and sodium. After entering each meal and snack for a few days, it really makes you conscious of almost every bite and helps motivate you to exercise. Exercise and calories spent can also be entered.

Wanda is using it too. Yesterday, she came home with a Sam's chocolate shake. It was so tasty until we looked up the calorie amount. That shake was almost 500 calories. Wow! That is almost half of the calorie intact for Wanda for one day!

She nearly croaked!

But it proves the point of the program. Every bite or sip counts.

What is the point? It is all about health, activity, and being our best. We have done fairly well most of our lives, Wanda and me, on staying fairly fit and in descent shape. However, our line of work makes for lots of eating meetings with cakes, pies, and other sweets. That is lots of fat and sugar which is not good.

I am not leaving all sweets off altogether, but I am counting calories. I'm eating slower, drinking more water, and putting my fork down after each bite. That makes my food taste better and the meal more enjoyable. It also fills me up in a way that gulping your food down doesn't do.

Losing twenty pounds won't be easy, but that is my goal. My ultimate goal is to be my best and to glorify God. That is what really counts.

Did you hear about the faith preacher who believed anything is possible? One man took the preacher up and asked for prayer that he would lose weight. The preacher stretched his hand to pray and said, "Grab your drawers brother!"

Ha! Prayer helps, but putting the fork down is vital too!

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