Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I love families. There are few things any greater than a dad and mom and children to follow. In all my years of ministry I have noticed that when God is at the center of a home then that home is blessed and beautiful. There is order. The relationships are good. People are blessed. Things go good.

The converse is to see the attempt to go through life without God. God is love. He is the personification of love. When God is present, then love is present. Life is good.

God's love is a respectful, patient, selfless, sacrificial love. It doesn't think, act, or offer evil. It is quick to forgive and forget. God's love doesn't return evil for evil.

I recently read through Genesis and was amazed at the story of Isaac and Rebekah's children, Jacob and Esau.

Esau married heathen women and we read in Gen. 26:35, "They were a source of grief to Isaac and Rebekah."

In the next chapter we read that Rebekah said that if Jacob did the same thing as Esau and marry heathen women that her life would not be worth living. She had all she wanted from those godless women.

In the next chapter and the first two verses we read that Isaac got Jacob and told him in no uncertain terms that he wasn't to marry a heathen woman. Isaac knew that if Jacob did that then things would get worse at his house as Rebekah would not be a happy lady. Isaac knew that if she wasn't happy there was a very good chance that he would not be happy.

Ha! Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Not Happy Wife, not Happy Life.

Here is the point. Families that serve God are blessed families. Good comes their way because God's love is good. It is pure and it releases blessings!

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