Monday, April 2, 2012


I was working in our garage on Saturday and took a break to drink some gatorade and eat a banana. As I was resting for a moment sitting in a chair looking out the garage door, all of a sudden a hummingbird flew into the garage and hovered over "Big Red". It happened so quickly as the little bird look down on this big red machine.

After a few moments, he turned and flew out as quickly as he flew in. Hummingbirds are attracted to red and "Big Red" is really red. It also looks like a bird of sorts from the front. I don't think the hummingbird saw the front, but he definitely was drawn to the huge red machine.

I smiled at the birds slight confusion. Isn't it interesting what attracts and what can tend to deceive?

Most of us know what to do and we do well to do it. Let's not be deceived or mock God. What we sow we'll reap!

We have all been fooled, deceived, confused, or misguided. We would do well to do like the little hummingbird and fly away from anything that proves to be something other than what is first represented.

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