Friday, April 27, 2012


This week I have made an point to share faith more. People need the Lord. So many people are hurting and they need to know that God loves them. That He will help them and bless them.

I have had the opportunity over and over again to share a quick word of encourage, or a prayer, and just a kind word and smile. No one has resisted me yet. People need God's love and they need God's people to share that love.

We have the Gospel. It is Good News. That is what Gospel means. It means good news that God has sent His Son Jesus to be our Savior. He died on The Cross for our sins and rose again. He is alive and He is our helper.

Recently I prayed with my lady barber who has cut my hair for years. She and all those who work with her know that I am a minister and a Christian. She had a need in her life and the Lord impressed me to pray with her about it. Yesterday she told me that what I had prayed with her about that God had helped her. Praise God!

I am looking for more places to share faith outside the walls of the church. Amazingly, riding "Big Red" has opened uphold doors to share. People don't expect a preacher to ride motorcycles. I catch them off guard some and slip a word for the Lord into the conversation.

We need to be bold, be brave, and believe God. He will take our feeble efforts and multiply them. That is my prayer!

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