Friday, January 27, 2012




This is Mitt Romney, or Newt. None of the others have called yet.

So who shall I vote for? One man flip-flops over the abortion and pro-life/pro-choice issue. One man has had multiple affairs. One man doesn't seem to have a very good chance to win. One man has dropped out of the race. So who do you vote for in the Florida Republican Primary?

I weary of all the phone calls and negative ads and ugly debates. Why do they have to make is so personal rather than focusing on the needs and future of our Country?

The sad news is that we're only getting started. The Republican Primary will end and then we'll head to the National Elections. Want that be fun?

So what is my choice?

I chose to pray for America. I chose to vote my conscience after prayerful and forthright thought. America is in God's hands. He knows the future. I need not worry. I'm just tired of all of the fussing and politics.

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