Monday, January 30, 2012


Sunday night, last night, Wanda and I attended the annual pastor's school here at First Baptist Church. They always have great speakers and fabulous music. It is a little taste of heaven. I love the musical presentations they do.

The speaker was Joel Rosenburg, author and prophecy speaker. It was very interesting as Joel spoke from Daniel 5 and made implications of America and impending judgement. He also spoke of the strong possibility of was between Israel and Iran in 2012. I would tend to agree with him.

As the program progressed, they introduced House Speaker Newt Ginrich. They didn't let him address the crowd, but he did get a standing ovation. Newt also got to hear the Gospel. The pastor of First Baptist didn't give an endorsement of any kind, but you could didn't get the feel of pro-Newt in the crowd.

I couldn't help but wonder what this service might mean to Newt and America if per chance he was to win the Presidency? I don't know that he will be elected, but who knows?

The bottom line is that we had better pray daily for America. I believe our Country's soul and future is weighing in the balance. Our victory is not merely in conservations winning elections, but rather us humbling ourselves before God.

Tuesday I will vote, but everyday I am praying for America. That is our only hope.

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  1. Let's hope when Israel strikes they are able to hit Iran hard and really set them back. Iran's Supreme Leader has said he has personally met the 12th Imam and will not see death until he returns and that holy war against the Jews will usher the Imam in. The arrival of their messiah depends on them ending the Jewish race! Americans do not realize how dangerous Islam is!