Friday, January 13, 2012


It seems like I spend a ton of time getting ready to go. In and out of the driveway day after day, I go. That is preceded by dressing up. Teeth brushed, shaved, bathed, hair combed, properly dressed, gathering all the stuff needed for the day, and here I go again, and again, and again, and again.

Isn't that life?

Sometimes I have to get dressed several times in one day, depending on what's happening. If I run or jog or have and evening church event or work in the yard, then I go through the process over and over.

When we get our new, glorified bodies, it would be nice if they automatically cleaned themselves and you could just think what you needed to have on to wear, and poof! It just all took place.

That would help this getting ready over and over again.

I feel all this frustration and I'm a man. It doesn't take me but a few minutes to prepare for the day. I don't wear makeup, or have to fix-up my hair, or coordinate much. However, it still gets tiresome.

But getting dressed isn't the only preparations happening in my day. I prepare for teaching, preaching, and ministering over and over. I love that part. The longer I have prepared the more I have learned how to prepare. Reading, studying, meditating, praying, making notes and outlines, and so forth are all a part of preparing.

Then there is preparations for all kinds of other life projects. Like yard work. Or general oversight of things here at the church, or trips, or events, weddings, funerals, and counseling.

Sometimes, preparations seem to never end, but without proper preparation the process of doing is slowed or becomes futile. Preparation is vital to life success.

What about preparing for heaven? Or eternity? What about preparing loved ones for the next life. Jesus said not everyone is going to make heaven. That is not my words, those are our Lord's Words.

So I think I'll spend a little more time getting ready for eternity. That is the only preparation that matters. What do you think?

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