Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Food is fuel. It helps run my body and your body too. I have a theory about food and fat. It goes like this: food is like gasoline for our cars in that food is our fuel. With our bodies, the more we expend energy and physical exertion, the more the fuel is burned up. The more we put fuel in without using it, the more and the faster it turns to fat.

Fuel + No Exercise = Fat


Here is the better formula:

Fuel + Exercise = Fit

So what kind of fuel should we use? And, how much exercise should we do? I am working on that formula and Wanda is helping me with the food part. We are leaving off fried foods and heavy starches and sugars. That means no sweets and desserts. Now that is a change from the Holidays. Our diet is balanced and we're actually eating more. We're eating 3 meals a day with 3 small snacks a day too.

I recently had a test to determine my body fat. I am 8 points too high. It was 28% and should be around 19-20% for my age and height. The same test noted that my body is is 72 years old. That isn't so hot for a 62 year old man. I've got to change that, and I am.

I've lost about 4 pounds. I am running 5 days a week training for another 15K Gate River Run in March. I did a four mile run last Friday.

Actually, on Thursday I attempted a 3 mile run and just couldn't do it. I quit after about 2.5 miles. My tank was empty. It was discouraging. Later, I realized I just didn't have the energy needed for the run because I had not eaten in several hours.

On Friday just one day later, I ate properly at the right time and breezed through a four mile run. The day before I couldn't make it 3 miles. Amazing! Eating right pays!

Spiritually, we need to make sure we are feeding our lives. Too many are drained, zapped, and wasted because they failed to eat properly spiritually. Jesus said that we cannot live by bread alone. We need spiritual food.

So I am eating properly, with right portions, and regularly. It makes the day go better. Likewise, I am taking care of my spiritual man. That makes everything go better.

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